Danfoss maneurope reciprocating compressor

KSh 190,000.00

Maneurop® MT, MTZ, NTZ reciprocating compressors from Danfoss fit in a wide variety of applications, like walk-in coolers, milk tanks, or air dryers, and are available in a wide range of operating conditions. Each compressor feature a large internal free volume that protects against the risk of liquid hammering   Hermetic reciprocating type, designed for medium and high evaporating temperature applications.

Available in: MT36 | MT80 | MT72 | MT100 | MT125 | MT160/ MTZ64 | MTZ80 | MTZ125 | MTZ160

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MT36, MT80, MT72, MT100, MT125, MT160/ MTZ64, MTZ80, MTZ125, MTZ160

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